Small Modular Reactors: A Technical and Economic Assessment

Report published by Energy Policy Group on November 2023In this article, EPG outlines the barriers to the development of SMRs in Romania, actors who have a role in the development of SMRS, and how these barriers might be overcome to achieve climate neutrality.

Creating Markets in Romania – Raising Romania’s Private Sector Potential for Greener Growth

Report published by IFC – World Bank Report on December 2023Romania’s private sector development faces challenges in the workforce’s education and national infrastructure, limiting industrial growth and hindering innovation.

Offshore wind – the enabler of Romania’s decarbonization

Report published by Energy Policy Group on January 2023EPG’s modeling suggests 15GW of offshore wind capacity is needed in Romania’s Black Sea Exclusive Economic Area (EEA) by 2050 for Romania to become climate neutral. Increasing offshore wind capacity requires effective legislative and fiscal frameworks for offshore wind development and collaborative projects with EU and non-EU regional partners...

Phasing out Coal in Romania: An Assessment of the Governance Framework

Report published by Energy Policy Group on December 2022Achieving the goal of decarbonizing power production requires established benchmarks, appropriate incentives, and maintaining balance in security in electric power supply and affordability. Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan commits to eliminating coal from the energy grid by the end of 2032.