Romanian American Institute for Smart Energy

Energy for the Future

The Romanian American Institute for Smart Energy
is a non-profit organization registered in Washington, DC. 

In the new world context where energy prosperity becomes energy security, the Institute focuses on increasing the collaboration between Romanian and American energy players, stimulating investment, fostering new partnerships, and facilitating access to new technologies.


Promote your energy business and access a targeted community

Connect with valuable partners and investors in the Romanian and American energy industry

Exchange ideas and business initiatives with people in your field

Participate in high-profile events in the United States and Romania

Place your business among the leading players in the industry and exchanges between Romania and America

Have an active role in shaping the strategic energy thinking in the industry

Have access to sector-specific research papers and projects

Shape the process of developing the human capital in the energy business in Romania

Contribute to the energy prosperity and security of Romania and the U.S.


The institute focuses on five areas to promote the profile of the Romanian energy industry in the USA.

The Institute focuses on developing a network of contacts within the American energy industry and facilitating the direct exchange of ideas and business ventures. This includes connecting with major representatives of the American energy industry across all sectors, participation in relevant events in the United States, organizing

conferences, seminars, and meetings to stay informed of current energy discussions and developments, and organizing visits of Romanian companies to the USA and American ones to Romania to encourage direct contacts and develop a portfolio of concrete projects.

The Institute acts to establish and elevate the reputation of the Romanian energy industry as a capable and trustworthy partner in the American business, professional, and governmental environments. This includes supporting large-scale commercial projects, promoting the interests and policies of regional and Euro-Atlantic energy entities, and facilitating cooperation in the Romanian-American bilateral dynamics.

RAISE provides a platform for interaction, consultation, and discussion for key players in the energy field in the American, Romanian, and European public and private systems. It also supports efforts to promote the Romanian-American industry and partnership in American specialized media.

The Institute connects with the US centers for research and analysis to develop a strategic approach to energy. By initiating research in specific areas, the Institute is able to publish reports on the energy market, the impact of the energy transition, and the potential for Romanian-American cooperation in Southeast Europe and the Euro-Atlantic region.

The Institute explores partnerships with US government institutions and laboratories, and facilitates research scholarships for Romanian experts.

RAISE facilitates technology transfer and collaboration between Romanian and American energy companies. By fostering partnerships and promoting the exchange of ideas and expertise, RAISE promotes the development of clean technology innovations and advances in the sustainable energy sector in both countries.  RAISE encourages the growth of clean energy solutions and supports the transition towards sustainable energy practices.

The Institute works with partners in the government, private sector, and academic institutions to foster collaboration and drive the development of cutting-edge clean energy technologies. By promoting the advancement of clean-tech and clean energy solutions, RAISE helps reduce the negative impact of energy production on the environment, and contributes to a more sustainable future.

RAISE supports the education and training programs needed to advance the sustainable energy sector in Romania and the United States. The Institute facilitates various programs for students, researchers, and professionals, including workshops, seminars, and training sessions that cover a range of topics related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart energy systems. RAISE facilitates internships and fellowships to provide hands-on experience to energy professionals and students.

The Institute works with universities and research institutions to develop and deliver energy-related curricula and degree programs that prepare the next generation of energy leaders. Through these various education and training programs, RAISE supports building a highly-skilled workforce that can drive the growth of the smart energy industry in Romania and the United States.


Enhance the energy prosperity and security of Romania and the United States.

Identify opportunities for cooperation between the energy industries in Romania and the United States.

Strengthen American trust and understanding of Romanian skills.

Raise the technological performance and sustainability of the Romanian industry regionally.


Competence, quality, and
professional excellence

The Institute’s commitment to all its activities reflects its members’ investment in performance standards.
As a result, the Romanian energy industry presents itself as a partner capable of ensuring results at the highest level of quality.

Responsibility and
business ethics

Responsible conduct is the only way to build trust and performance. The Institute applies the highest standards of representativeness and compliance with the rules of business governance, meetings, events, and all professional activities.

Efficiency and

The Institute’s actions have a clearly defined purpose of contributing to the realization of successful projects in transparent conditions of efficiency. Furthermore, all members’ interests are to ensure the best conditions for the competitiveness of the operations carried out in partnership.


Board of Directors, CEO and Advisory Board Members

Daniela Kammrath


Jacques Tohme

President of the Board

Anca Harasim

Member of the Board of Directors

Duane Butcher

Secretary of The Board


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